Hogarth Productions presents multi-disciplinary contemporary art events in non-traditional spaces, with a focus on attracting and engaging new audiences.

Having both trained as actors, we have been involved in theatre as performers, writers and directors for 20 years. While we’ve shared a long-held passion for contemporary art, we have not studied art history or been to university or art school. As such, our attitude towards creating and curating art works is highly distinctive as we focus on the audience and how artists can communicate with them most effectively – to inspire, move, provoke and entertain.

This often takes our work out of galleries and academic spaces and into the high street, the pub, the workplace, the home. Our conversations about art avoid words that most people don’t understand and gets people thinking about what art means to them in their everyday lives.

Our work ranges from commissions tailor made to specific locations or environments as well as touring projects. We were Artistic Directors of The Whitley Arts Festival – an annual contemporary arts festival in Reading between 2009 - 2013.

Artists we have commissioned and programmed:

Mike Blow, Alison Ballard, Taeh Iohe, Greg Wohead, Gabriel Jackson, Open Hand Open Space, Mark Langley, Michael Fairfax, Martin Creed, Jaap Blonk, Ed Elliott, Red Herring Theatre Company, Candoco Dance Company, Nigel and Louise, Matt Hulse, MA_DUO, Signal to Noise, Patrick White, Ellis Sharpe, Iain Chambers, Bonnie Camplin, Cara Rainbow, Edwin Burdis, Ian Halliwell, Dr K Ensemble, Tim Macmillan Semiconductor,  Ray Lee, Rosanna McNamara, Laure Prime, Andrew Berry, Fiona Williams, Julia Rogers, Sarah Davies, Pa Boom, Pete Montford, Sarah Britten Jones, Michael Horovitz, Vanessa Vie, Amy Sage, Maria Deegan, Starky and the Moon Doctor, Simon Raven, Jenna Finch, Jon Lockhart, Standart Thinking, Chris McKeeman, Jiri Kovanda, Naren Wilkes, Beate Hecher & Markus Keim,Domonic Negus, Colin Legge, Paul R Jones, M Berniem & K Schroedingr, Max Hattler, James Lowne & Andrew Stewart, Laure Thompson, Marcus Coates & Henry Montes, Kate Nina Lewis, Jo-Ann Kaplan, Bob Aldous, Sean Burn, Siobhan Davies Dance, Raymond Yiu, Burnt Buscuit, Chris Lambert, Michelle Hannah, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Yuriy Norshteyn, Glen Fulthorpe, Philip Newcombe, Anne Wilson, Aurelien Froment, George Barber, Catherine Elwes, Laure Prouvost, Patrick Keiller, Raymond Yui, Natasha Zavialov, Mike Taylor, Jo Quinn, Steve Mcpherson, Mark Aerial Waller, T.R.I.P.O.D., Bonnie Camplin & Paulina Olowska, Kota Ezawa, Mark Leckey, Paul Lee, Oliver Payne & Nick Relph, John Russell, Mirren Kessling, James Gillham, Desiree Holman, Philip Newcombe, Annika Strom, Naoyuki Tsuji, Brothers Quay, Jo Thomas, Guy Sherwin, Lynn Loo, Annabel Nicolson, William Raban, Anne Rees-Mogg, Lis Rhodes, Malcolm Le Grice, John Smith, Ron Haseldon, Rosalind Nashashibi, Peter Gidal, David Hall, Chris Welsby, Tina Keane, Tanya Syed, Jayne Parker, Emma Hart, Wai Yan Chan, Kirk Palmer, Emma Charles, Duan Chung, Michale Day, Abbe Leigh Fletcher, Kirk Hendry, Sam Holden, Jasmind Johnson, Farah Mohammed, Simon Payne, Guilla Ricci, Christopher Steel, Jean Gabriel Perriot, Tessa Garland, Erica Scourti, Alex Pearl & Tessa Garland, Pauline Thomas, Lee Hassall, Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan, Ruth Hatch, Alex Buhagiar, Katy Beinart, Steven Eastwood & Mia Taylor, Vicky Vergou.